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  • valuations towards pre-sale and pre-purchase advice.
  • establishing Sale price and /or Auction reserves
  • assessing the value of properties for Capital Gains Tax and other tax purposes
  • assessing the value of a property for the apportionment of an Inheritance
  • determining Buildings Replacement Value and Home Contents for insurance purposes
  • insurance advice reports for Body Corporates
  • assessing the value of a property for Divorce Settlement purposes
  • Inspections for progress payments
  • assessing the value of a property to establish rental income
  • valuations for mergers and acquisitions
  • home Inspections for sale purposes

Pre-sale and Pre-purchase Advise

A pre-sale or pre-purchase valuation gives the potential purchaser a powerful tool to take to the negotiating table. A current valuation report is widely regarded the most credible source of information available. It will assist a seller to determine a reserve sale price, or help a buyer to identify their highest most limit, or offer on a property for sale. Assess the value of a property for auctioning.

Capital Gains Tax

Capital gains tax applies to all investment properties purchased after 1 October 2001. Taxpayers, including individuals, trusts, companies and close corporations, will be taxed on the profit they make when they sell an asset or property of a capital nature. Capital Gains Tax can be described as taxes on the resale of assets. A current or retrospective valuation will identify the actual increase in a property’s value. We also assess the value of a property for the purpose of handling tax related issues, bankruptcy company restructuring and property rates appeals.

Deceased Estates

Valuations for deceased estates are used to determine the asset value of a particular estate. Having a valuation carried out on properties forming part of the estate can help executors and beneficiaries appropriately administer the estate and minimise the possibility of dispute.

Insurance Valuations

An insurance valuation is carried out to determine the correct amount of insurance cover required for structures including residential dwellings, industrial / commercial buildings, and retail premises. The assessment takes into consideration the size (m²) and nature of the improvements and current demolition and constructions costs.

Insurance Advice Reports

Insurance Advice Reports are required by Body Corporates to determine the correct level of insurance cover required for all buildings and common property forming part of a particular scheme.

Divorce settlement purposes

To determine the value of a property for accrual purposes in the event of two parties going through divorce / breakdown of a marriage / defacto arrangement, and can help to dissolve any disputes which may arise as to the current value of the property.

Inspections for Progress Payments

Where a building is being constructed such as a residential house, sectional title unit, or a commercial building, and the project is being financed by a lending institution, inspections for progress payments will be required to confirm that the amount of work required for each stage of construction has been completed.

Valuations for Home inspections

Most estate agents have vast experience with sellers who may have an unrealistic view of the value of their home. A Home Inspection report in conjunction with a comparative market analysis will assist estate agents to counsel their clients to apply a realistic price to their properties. Correctly priced houses are most likely to sell quickly to the benefit of seller, buyer and agent.

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